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Self-maintaining the content of your Internet site

You feel totally confused with terms such as tags, ftp, upload, download, etc. We offer you a choice of online and offline tools that are easily adaptable to your needs and are easy to use even for computer beginners.

Content Management System (CMS), developed by a TolTeam gives you full control over your web site, significantly reducing maintenance costs and allowing you to provide its customers with latest information about your activities.

TOL CMS includes:

  • Web interface for administration
  • Online content editing with text editor (WYSIWYG)
  • Managing a variety of export formats
  • Template system
  • Built-in search
  • Support for multiple languages
  • System access rights based on roles (user level)
  • Module for managing users
  • Module for Google Map
  • Module for adding news
  • Modules for adding documents
  • And other modules developed to meet customer needs

The idea on which we have established the principle of our system is to create a system that will ensure easy access and content editing for your website in the shortest period of time.


From our offer

Offer for private accommodation owners

Light BOX - a simple system for site maintenance for private accommodation owners that will allow you to change the offer price, add new photos, change the calendar at any time.


Self-manage the content of your Internet site

Our clients are satisfied with the simplicity and quality of TOL CMS web content management system ...