Start BOX - for newly established companies

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Start BOX package for newly established companies includes everything that a newly established company requires for normal start.

Start BOX specifications:

  • Logo design
  • design and production of stamps (1 piece)
  • design and production of business cards (100 pieces)
  • Design of Memos and preparation for MS Word
  • Internet presentation
    • up to 7 pages by language
    • page design using template design
    • internet address such as
    • 10 e-mail address
    • up to 50 photos
    • location of the your office on interactive Google Maps
    • TOL CMS that allows independent maintenance of website

Start BOX: 5900.00 kn + VAT payable in two installments
 Hosting L BOX: 490.00 kn + VAT /year

The price does not include:

  • collecting materials (photos, texts), writing (description of services)
  • scanning /editing - price scanning /image processing is 25kn per picture *
  • translation of texts
  • maintaining the Internet site, which includes entry, change or delete text and pictures, which you can perform through TOL CMS application

* Image processing means intervention on the photos (ie. delete certain parts of photos), not resizing photos to a certain size.

All articles must be submitted in digital format.

Web development by request
If you want a site designed according to your wishes we are at your disposal for any questions.
Contact phone: +385 21 492 448

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