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Presentation of your accommodation capacity, a step toward more personality with pre-defined pages, but with the original design.

The difference between the Standard Box and Light Box is that Standard box has the original standard design.

Standard Box - Specifications

  • 7 pages per language
  • design from template (6 types of design)
  • own domain - www.ime (net)
  • 1 e-mail address -
  • hosting of pages on our servers
  • TOL CMS system that allows you to maintain your own site:
    • edit text
    • prices and periods
    • edit photos (50 photos)
    • managing avalibility calendar
    • contact form
    • location added as a Google map

See some examples of finished pages:

Screenshots may have different links than those on the site.

Package price 4.410,00 + VAT

The price includes:

  • Design and hosting package L Box for a period of one year. After the expiration of 365 days package price is 410,00 kn + VAT.
  • 4 languages (opening an additional language costs 100,00 kn / language)
  • inserting text for 4 languages (inserting text for additional language is 100,00 kn / language)

The price does not include:

  • collecting material
  • scanning / editing - the price for scanning / photo processing is 25kn per photo **
  • translation of the text

** photo processing means editing photos (ie. delete certain parts of photos), not changing dimensions to a specific size.

All articles must be submitted in digital format.

From our offer

Offer for private accommodation owners

Light BOX - a simple system for site maintenance for private accommodation owners that will allow you to change the offer price, add new photos, change the calendar at any time.


Self-manage the content of your Internet site

Our clients are satisfied with the simplicity and quality of TOL CMS web content management system ...